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First of all this product is great. I have used many so-called window tint removal solutions and nothing comes close to ATR Solutions. This product makes my job much easier. I am truly glad I came across it. I already introduced it to some colleagues of mine, and they’re still impressed on how great it works. Thanks ATR Solutions.


Galaxy Auto Glass & Window Tint

Only product I found that was successful in removing the adhesive on the windows. Great to be able to clearly see out the windows again.

Amazon Customer

This product performed exactly as promised. The tint on my windows was 20 years old and this product removed the glue 100%. I literally sprayed it on dragged my scrapper along the windows and then wiped it down with another squirt and paper towel. It took 5 minutes.

Amazon Customer

Tried ammonia solutions, Goo Gone and other citrus oil-based cleaners, steam and various DIY concoctions to remove. Stubborn 3m windows tint adhesive residue from my defroster rear window. This is the only product that let me remove the adhesive quickly and easily.

Amazon Customer

I have been doing window tinting professionally for over 15 years and in the past every body used to do their own mix of different chemicals and process until I bumped into ATR and it made a world of difference. It’s a no drainer. Squirt it on and wipe it off. That’s the only way to describe it, so easy. You just have to try it; you’ll never go back to any other solvent. I recommend this to any window tinter out there.

Luis F. Cabezas

Top Rated Window Tint

I used this product to remove the adhesive from non-glare film that had been on my windows for over 15 years needless to say it was truly baded on. This product did exactly as advertised. I just sprayed it on left it for a few minutes. Then, with a light scraper, or ever a rag, the adhesive just came right off.

Amazon Customer

I removed some film from my window and a sticky mess was left behind. I tried every product in the house to try and remove this sticky mess to no avail. I looked for answers on Youtube and found one person who recommended this product. I ordered it and it worked amazingly. I was able to remove the whole mess in 30 minutes. I love this product.

Amazon Customer